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Russian work permits

Legal status of a foreign business owner in Russia

As the owner of a business in Russia you do not need any work permits, you are free to register and own shares in a Russian company and are able to recruit Russian nationals to operate as the executives and employees of the business. You will not be permitted to hold the position of CEO without a work permit.


Legal status of the foreign CEO in Russia

If you want to recruit non Russian nationals or are not a Russian national yourself but would like to hold the position of CEO within your Russian company then you will need to obtain work permits and medical-care cards for each of your foreign emloyees. You will also need to obtain a general permit from the Migration Office, which permits your company recruit foreign staff, including your foreign CEO.


As soon as you have recieved a Russian work permit you can apply for a long-term, multi-entry business visa.


Debit Credit do not provide services related to obtaining work permits or visas directly, however we can recommend a number of companies that specialise in this area. Please ask your relationship manager about this if it is required.