Free consulting: how to set up a new company in Russia and organize all tax affairs?
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Tax Consulting

DebitCredit offers a range of tax consulting services and advice to a growing list of international clients.


Russian Tax Consulting Service

DebitCredit can provide consulting on the specifics of Russian legislation, this can be useful if you need to know more about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks associated with your trade in Russia prior to entering into contracts or other legal, political or economic obligations. We can provide you with bespoke tax advice and consulting by phone, e-mail, or in person. If you are considering to set up your business in Moscow, or already have a business operating in Russia and need to know more about your exposure to tax in relation to your specific areas of operation then this service can be helpful. Tax consultancy is billed at an hourly rate, which can be found on our price list.


Personalized Tax Report

If you are not ready for telephone based or face to face consultancy you can request a tailored tax report which will be produced within two working days and will highlight key tax issues you should be aware of based on the information you provide, this will be provided via email for your convenience and to minimise the financial and environmental impact of printing and sending by courier. If you intend to start a business in Russia and would like to know what taxes and duties are payable based on the type of business areas you operate in then our personalized tax report is a quick and cost-effective solution which will highlight the key aspects of the Russian tax system which apply to your business. Simply complete the form which can be accessed from the link below and one of our tax specialists will contact you to verify the information you have provided and give you our fixed-price quotation.