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Standard tax system

If you do not qualify for the Simplified Accounting System, which offers you different tax advantages, here you can read about standard taxes in Russia, legislation and other general principles of standard Russian taxation.

  1. Corporate Tax (20%) on you gross profit
  2. Tax on Wealth (2%) on the value of your net corporate assets
  3. Social security contribution (34.2%) paid from the salary payroll (paid by employers): 
  4. Personal income Tax in Russia (13%) from the salary payroll (paid by employees), or tax on dividends (9%) paid by the owners of the business, who are Russian residents (who spend more then 180 days per year in Russia) and 15% for non-residents.
  5. VAT in Russia (18%) from your added value (incoming invoices with VAT reduce your VAT to pay quarterly)


You can buy a special report about Taxation in Russia with analysis of your business model and calculation of all taxes in Russia you have to pay after your set-up in Russia.