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Regular accounting services

At DebitCredit we have many years experience in providing accounting services for local, national and international companies operating in Russia within Moscow and beyond. We tackle the bureacracy day after day, leaving you free to focus on running your business, increasing turnover and making a profit.

Our regular accounting services make your life easier while giving you the additional benefit of Professional insurance.


Our standard accounting services package includes:

  • 1C bookkeeping – monthly database update
  • Payroll service
  • Taxes calculation
  • Preparation of all fiscal payment orders
  • Preparation and submission of quarterly fiscal reports to the local tax authorities
  • Tax consulting support – 1 hour per month for free!
  • Standard 1C reports detailing our accounting work upon your request


Reports for personified staff accounting

Preparation of the reports for personified accounting of taxes of your employees in the Russian company should be completed only in case if you have people on staff. This service is not included in the fees we charge for regular accounting services.


Why is outsourcing of accounting services so suitable?

If you outsource the accounting services for your Russian company you still retain complete control over your incoming and outgoing documents, organizing them into two different categories for DebitCredit. You will be assigned a dedicated accountant and consultant who will help you through every step of the accounting process. We take our duty of care to clients seriously, and in the unlikely event that we fail to meet our obligations you can be confident in the knowledge that our obligations are gauranteed and underwritten by a major national insurance provider. If we let you down - it won't cost you a penny - and you will be compensated for any losses incurred.


Key obligations of DebitCredit and our clients related to the provision of Accounting & Bookkeeping services:

Our responsibility:

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting of your invoices, acts and other initial documents
  • Payroll service for your people on staff
  • Processing cash receipts from your business expenses
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
  • Full quarterly reports preparation
  • Archive your documents throughout the year
  • We guarantee you 100% confidentiality for all financial data we process
  • In the unlikely event that we make any errors in your accounts or we fail to meet deadlines for submitting your corporate reports then any fines and penalties will be compensated via our insurcance provider ROSNO. (Subject to our client meeting their obligations and deadlines)


Your responsibility:

  • During the first week of every month you provide us with all documents for the previous month.
  • CEO of your company signs personally all fiscal reports for the Russian tax office (or if you have applied for electronic submission of your   fiscal reports, then you have to provide us a Power of Attorney for submitting your fiscal reports on your behalf.


Deadlines for fiscal reports submission in Russia:

  • 1st quarter - between 10 April and 28 April
  • 2nd quarter -  between 10 July and 28 July
  • 3rd quarter - between 10 October and 28 October
  • Annual reports - between 1 January and 15 January - to the social security fund
    -  between 1  March and 28 March - to the Tax Department